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Nailing That Interview

Talking to my niece this week has really highlighted the lack of hands on support available to graduates. Laura graduated from Newcastle last summer and with hundreds of thousands of others is still trying to land her first graduate job. Universities say they can support their past graduates but as they are often hundreds of miles away from their homes this support is via the web.
Looking at university career websites there are a multitude of tools and tips available but no practical face to face support and feedback.
Over the past year I have interviewed scores of graduates desperate for their first job. While their CV’s look professional they perform woefully in interviews. They say you only have one chance to make a good impression but British graduates are failing at this final hurdle by not selling themselves.
Preparing for an interview and practicing giving confident answers is imperative. As 58% of communication is through non-verbal sources making an impression with positive body language and tone of voice is vital. All this can’t be gained from looking at a website.
Whether you are a graduate, manager or executive preparing for an interview requires you to prepare for the performance of your life and like an actor practice, practice and prepare for the curved ball.
If you want to practice in this way why not try my half day one-to-one session. Call to discuss.
April 2009