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Rekindle Potential


Janice Hutchins has been chosen by The University of Surrey and it’s Leadership Academy

Partners, as one of the coaches, to work with unemployed or ‘at risk’ managers, executives and professionals in the south east of England.

The Leadership Academy is seeking to equip unemployed managers and executives with personal skills and motivation necessary to get them back into work and to help those at risk of redundancy to analyse and refocus their skills in order maintain the region’s economic activity.


Managers and professionals can receive up to ten hours of 1:1 coaching from a professionally accredited coach. So if you find yourself in career transition and asking yourself:
ü  Where do I go from here? What do I want from my career?
ü  How can I market myself more effectively?
ü  How do I cope and stand out at an interview?
ü  Why am I getting nowhere in finding a job?
ü  What do I put on my CV/application forms?
Then coaching may be the answer.  The coaching is tailored to individual needs but can include:


ü  Step back and take stock of your current situation.
ü  Identify achievements and talents.
ü  Review of personal values and job satisfaction.
ü  Identify strengths and areas for development.

Options & Opportunities

ü  CV writing and updating.
ü  Objective setting and motivation to keep on trying.
ü  Improving interview techniques and preparation.
ü  Improving unspoken communication skills.
ü  Assessing routes to market.
ü  Develop self-marketing techniques.
To hear more about this free service contact Janice Hutchins on 07747 563886 or email