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Kindle Performance
Rekindle Potential


Working with Janice at Kindle Performance has really allowed us to get to grips with our HR and people development issues. I’m now confident we have clear and simple strategies to recruit, develop, reward, and retain the skilled people we need to grow our business.

Janice’s flexibility allows us to keep focussed on the people issues while fulfilling our customer’s requirement. Janice is part of the team and it’s a cost effective way of having access to top HR advice and support.

Mark Travis
Silverbear Ltd

Winning Together

I don’t want someone telling me that they have the solution, I want to work it out myself, but I do want to share ideas with people and work out solutions from the conversation.

Mark Foard
CV Freight Ltd

Winning Together

The sessions are brilliant, I can discuss my business from my point of view and get back ideas and encouragement with no judgement attached everyone understands what it’s like to be an MD or an owner

Stuart McOnie
Semmco Ltd

CTH needed to streamline its sales activities and focus its energies on key account sales. We knew we needed a sales process and we had an outline plan on how to achieve it.

Kindle Performance was able to help us identify correctly the key stages and actions within that process and who should take responsibility for them. It has helped us enormously and has been reflected in our profitability.

We now sell 70% of our work through key clients. Double figure (percentage) nett profits has always been a strategic goal and Kindle Performance has helped us do this. They also helped us clarify the roles and responsibilities within the organisation, defining job purpose, objectives and identifying training needs to help our employees develop into these roles.

As an IiP organisation this has helped us enormously in putting together a relevant training plan for our employees.

Gary Williams
Commercial Director
Colledge Trundle & Hall Ltd

At a very difficult time in my career, coaching helped me evaluate my strengths, achievements, personal values and what I really wanted from my career. From this I was able to fully explore the options available and make a decision to take up a senior role overseas.

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